Writing: On Choosing

I finished the next teen book on Easter Sunday and emailed to editor with a dash of hope and disquiet. Was it enough? Did I do the right thing? Did the plot line work? How many typos are there?

And then I was exhausted. Utterly spent from writing for weeks, the ups and downs of the main character and my own life as I tried to give us both a unique trajectory with a happy ending.

I love a happy ending and the more detail the better. Hearing any happy news thrills me. I will sit in the car, engine running, already at my destination when people win competitions on the radio, waiting for the magic moment of reaction to the new chapter in their lives.

Happy endings give me comfort in a way the real world can’t.

There are so many unfair moments in life, bad choices and misfortunes of birth and misfortunate deaths. Why can’t I write the best for my book bound creations?

I like to laugh and I like happy endings. Deal with it.

I decided this weekend I need more of it in my life. More laughter, more kindness and more happy. How the hell am I gonna make this happen? No idea but I do know it has something to do with choices.

  • Choosing to think before I speak
  • Choosing to be kind to others
  • Choosing to laugh
  • Choosing to be kind to myself
  • Choosing the high road
  • Choosing to not let my history create my future
  • Choosing to be here now
  • Choosing to accept the choices I have made in my life so far
  • Choosing better in my future.

Happy easter, bunnies.


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