Opinion: This Is My Life Now

Moving from business chick to novelist took some getting used to,  particularly the routine.

The routine required me to actually understand how I worked and I couldn’t understand that until I worked for a long time. It was like moving into a new house and seeing where the sun shone in, where the draughts were and which were the pictures looked best on which wall according to the light in each season.

Ever moved to a new place and had a realisation a few months in, that you aren’t on holiday? This is where you live now?

I did when I moved to Perth. It punched me so hard in my epiphany zone, I cried in an antique shop, weeping into a biscuit barrel – I am no longer on holiday, this ain’t no time share, I live here now.

I now know I can push out between 1500-3000 words on average and 5000 on a better day. I also know if I do this I will be exhausted and will require sleep for at least an hour in the afternoon.

I know I have to hangout on the interweb for at least an hour until I start writing. I have a series of sites I visit in a particular order where I am inspired, enthralled and appalled.

I know I have a method that works for fleshing out the story arc now but the best bit is when I write and character tells me what he or she wants to do.

I know I have a character questionnaire and that I can’t start writing till I know my main characters name and star sign. Searching for a name can take all day, even more. No name = no story.

I don’t need silence in which to write but I do write better when it is quiet.

I know each story or book has a symbol that comes to me as I start writing. This is a place, an image or even a smell. Each one is different. yes, I am cray cray but it’s my life.

I make coffee every morning and I always defrost something for dinner on the kitchen sink.

I do household tasks during the day after I written my fill.

Sometimes I wear yoga pants and t-shirt. Other days I wear clothes with buttons and zippers. I sometimes put on light makeup so I don’t scare my children when they come home from school. I always wear perfume. I don’t know why.

I try to read at least every day, something, anything to keep me relevant.

I walk three times a week. This is a new thing as I was atrophying into my Herman Miller chair. I lift light weights twice a week, keeping my arms strong so they can hold craft all the stories I have in my head.

In the evening, I tumble, pin, blog and tweet, all while watching bad TV.

I do better when I sleep more but sometimes I will write till two in the morning. This is not a good thing for my head but great for my writing. It makes me depressed. I need more sleep.

This is my life now.


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