Inspired: Weekend in Melbourne

With the weather so freaking gorgeous in Melbourne, you’re cray if you don’t get out and enjoy it.

Friday night I dined at The Smith. The conversation with my dear friend was intense, wise and funny and I left filled with pork hock and wine from Alsace.

Saturday morning, I did the ‘hour of power’ as another dear friend calls it, where she gets all her family involved in the cleaning of the house. Good times when an hour later we were done. This is why having older kids is good, they can actually pitch in.

Then off to the city. The city is fun on Saturday. Busy and filled with some well dressed people. Everywhere I went I saw hipsters and fashionistas. Melbourne had never looked better.

I set Dave, Tansy and myself a challenge to see who could take the best Instagram photo while we were hanging out. God it was funny, all of us laughing at us trying to be subtle while we took photos of fabulous and crazy. This is my photo of a tourist crossing Little Collins St. How great is the movement in her hair? Love.

Then a Roast Chicken at home in the evening and Attack The Block on DVD. Seen it yet? You should if you like Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz. I loved it. Believe.

Wrote till 1am, cos I was on a roll.

Today started with high hopes. Saw Spike kick a goal at football, well done him. Then off to the St Kilda Vintage market which was okay but not amazing. Tansy bought a 80’s silk Christian Dior blouse for $20. Cool.

Then I was assualted by a box of spilled horse shit and fish heads in Acland St. This is why St Kilda is dead to me. It is, literally, figuratively, spiritually shit now. I retched all the way into Coles and into the car park, where I saw a woman in rollerskates , yes old skool skates, singing while spinning around the carpark singing ‘this is my life’ at the top of her voice.

Now I’ve settled in for the day, watching Win Win, planning to write some more and do some washing, potter, gardening, chill.

Nice weekend. Besides the box of horse shit.


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