News: Everything Is As It Should Be

So my parents moved towns on the weekend. They are now where my sister and brother live. Then yesterday, my sister has to go to emergency in extreme pain and is now admitted with a health issues.

The timing is astonishing.

I’m glad my parents are there now for my sister and her children. It makes sense. All is as it should be.

Ever rail against the timing of something or missing out on something you wished for, and then later looked back and realised it was completely the wrong time for that to happen?

This used to happen a lot with clients in my old job. When we missed out on a pitch or project and then later I would find out that the job never went ahead or the company changed personel and the new agency had lost the job.

Shit happens for a reason. The best you can do is adjust your sails and go with the winds of change.

Yesterday was a weird day. The mystics in my world tell me that the universe is in a super change period.

I can feel it, with an overwhelming desire to renovate my house or move to the country. Neither is going to happen. I might rearrange the furniture, that’s as good as it gets.

Tomorrow I sit with some of the best minds in the world of Australian play and TV writing, in a meeting to discuss a new project I threw together in the car park of Brighton Primary school. I never thought it would get this far. Actually, I am always surprised that my ideas go anywhere to be honest.

I hope to stay this way. Surprising myself is a new hobby.

These people have names which are synonymous with literary amazeballs. I’m gonna sit in the corner and offer some light refreshments, shoulder rubs and tissues at half time.

It’s the least I can do.

The timing is of course perfect.

Really. Stop pushing and adjust your sails. It’s the only way forward.

Painting: Vladimir Kush


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