Interiors: A Round Table

I have an old round table as my desk. Things have been moved around in our house, everything is everywhere and I have an overwhelming need to do renovations to the house, which will be difficult because renovations cost a lot of beans. Beans that I don’t have right now.

Neither Dave nor I can remember where we found my new desk/table. It’s old. It’s unimposing and it’s where I wrote my book, Spiritual Business, four years ago. It has a nice energy about it but I can’t say the same for the rest of the room.

I seem to use my room as dumping ground. Shit’s everywhere and I have no order. Add to that a bed in the room and I am limited to what I can actually achieve in the room, besides sleep.

I’m stalking interior blogs for inspiration. So gorgeous and so depressing.

I wish my office looked like the one above.

Instead it looks like this.

*Le sigh*


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