Culture: AIDS

Did you know that 80,000 gay men died of AIDS, in New York alone, between 1980 and 1995?

This is about 5300 a year. A generation of men, some of them the most brilliant and creative of minds. We lost potential movement in arts, music, fashion and design. It is an artistic genocide.

Some of the lives lost were; artist Keith Haring, fashion designer Perry Ellis, lyricist Howard Ashman, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, writer Bruce Chatwin.

There are many more.

Did you know that Ronald Reagan was president from 1981- 1989 in the US?

Did you know he never said the word AIDS once during his time in office?

After this tragedy came conservatism and the gentrification of New York. Now the next generation are overeducated with huge students debts and no jobs to take, or houses to live in.

The majority of houses built in the 2000’s were luxury houses and apartments, you know, McMansions and the like. These kids can’t live in them. They can’t buy them and they can’t work. This is what Occupy New York is about.

And this is why I am interested to see what they create and produce. This generation won’t buy the crap we are selling right now. They are angry, disenfranchised and smart.

We sat watched creative spirits die over fifteen years and now bitch about the state of the world?

How dare we, and yet we still are in denial.

Did you also know that right now, in 2012, the rates of infection of HIV in Washington D.C are equal to the rates in East Africa?

It ain’t over kids.

Read more here at Actup.

Listen to more here. 




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