Love It Or Leave It List – Chairs I Love

  • Marni made a chair. I like it and when you find out it’s made by ex-prisoner’s trying to make a better life for themselves, you can rest easy.

  • Sam Taylor Wood made a chair. And when you find out it’s to support London’s eight Royal Parks, you can sit and smell the roses. Lot’s more artists and designers contributed chair designs, including Tracey Emin, Philip Treacy and even Heston Blumenthal. Buy here.

Wikkelso V11 Easy Chair & Footstool. Seriously, I don’t like leather and yet this chair doesn’t feel like leather, it feels like you’re sitting in God’s lap. Buy here if you want to just rest easy and see how it’s made here.

  • If God designed the chair above, then ‘Jebus‘ must have designed the Aeron Chair.  I guess J-Dog went and did all the hard work on the earth, so he wanted to support himself with the most ergonomically amazeball chair while doing the admin. If you work at a desk, like moi, then buy here and you’ll never regret it. Never.

  • The Big Bug Chair from Poliform. What I want to call it, is the Big Bugger Off Chair. There is no freaking way I am sharing with you, so shoo. I will be here on my patio, reclining, planning, scheming. Yes. So piss off and buy your own one here.

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