The Perfect Location Goes Global

*Warning – Shameless self promotion ahead*

The Perfect Location is out this week in United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

Got a kindle? Get your eBook on here. 

Here is the link to a prequel short story for those who are missing Calypso, Rose and Sapphira.

And here is the Australian version of The Perfect Location.
There are a few differences in the books, so feel free to buy both and enjoy the girls all over again.

Thanks lovers.



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Location Goes Global”

  1. Good story which I enjoyed very much…………….escapism at its very best. However the blurb on the back page cast Rose as “a distinguished Australian actress recovering from divorcing a Hollywood playboy” The way I read it she is English……..No mention of Australia anywhere in the book……………Did someone get it wrong?

    1. Yes! It was a mistake from the the artwork. In the Australian publication, Rose is Australian. They used the wrong blurb in printing I think.
      *sigh* These things happen but will be remedied in the next print.
      I am so glad you enjoyed it though.

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