Music: Prince

When I was twelve years old I heard Little Red Corvette for the first time. A tough and scary girl but with exemplary taste in music, played it to me on a paint splattered ghetto blaster, nicked from a building site. (This was the same girl who asked two senior boys to punch her in the stomach to cause a miscarriage when she was thirteen but that’s a story for another day.)

LRC was the most exciting song I had ever heard, it was rock coated in pop, it blew my small mind. My tough ‘friend’ told me that true Prince fans always wore something purple, so they could recognize each other. That year I rocked a dirty purple silk scarf in my hair, as a tribute to a master.

I had became a Prince fan. A true die hard fan that remained with him through all his public tantrums about copyright ownership, the death of his baby son and his double hip replacement.

I owned the B side album and I knew the words. ALL the words.

Prince has punctuated my life since that day. I can landmark my life according to his songs.

Mountains was the song I danced to alone in the lounge room.

Raspberry Beret was when I went through my vintage wardrobe stage.

Adore was a song an ex-boyfriend put on a mix tape for me. While the bf has long gone, the song remains my favorite Prince song.

The entire Sign ‘o The Times album was my soundtracks for a long time. The Ballad of Dorothy Parker made me read read Dorothy Parker. You Got The Look made me try to take an hour to put on my face.

The orgasmic If I Was Your Girlfriend was both repulsive and sexually spellbinding to my young ears.

I learned the sign language to the words, I Would Die 4 U.

Gett Off. Cream. How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore. Nothing Compares 2 U. Money Don’t Matter 2 Nite.

The list goes on.

When I met Dave, the deal was sealed when he said he loved Prince as I did. A man who isn’t threatened by Prince is worth keeping around.

It was a sign ‘o the times.

In the past, whenever Prince has come to Australia, something else had been going on for me. I was out of the country, I was out of the state, I was out of my mind.

Tonight I fulfll my Princely Worship with Dave and I attending Court. (Rod Laver Arena but it’s still courtside.)

I leave you with this. As I listen to it, I cry. I die.


4 thoughts on “Music: Prince”

  1. Just joined your blog – loving it! Saw u in the Lakes Post great article. Wow I wish u all the the best and will keep enjoying your words.

  2. It was released on Monday, March 30th in the UK. I remember buying the album on the morning of release but deciding to leave it to the following day, my 17th birthday, until breaking the shrinkwrap. I left it sealed on the living room mantlepiece and stared at it in frustrated anticipation.On the 31st I carefully slit the opening, making sure to leave the shrinkwrap and the heart sticker intact. After examing the inner sleeves and inspecting the labels I set up my speakers on either side of my bed, dropped the stylus, and turned off the lights. When each side came to an end I lay there for a while playing what I’d heard over in my head before turning the light back on to flip over the vinyl. I can clearly recall the day, but I can’t honestly pull back the memory of my first impressions. Not that it matters: I’d long ago learned never to trust my initial reaction to any Prince song. Within a few months I had painted my bedroom peach and put up two Prince posters affixed to black frames. I used to walk around town in a black leather jacket with a Sign O’ The Times silver heart pinned to the sleeve, which attracted a few threatening stares. My best friend and I spent ages sorting out our peach and black gear for the concert only for the UK tour to be cancelled; I can’t tell you how gutted we were. Even so, those were happy days.I couldn’t pick out one track and say it defined the whole album, but for some reason I would say that side 2 is the one that really puts me in the Sign O’ The Times space. It’s not so much about the tracks themselves;it’s just something about the feeling I get as it moves through It, Starfish and Coffee, Slow Love, Hot Thing, and finally Forever In My Life.It’s an album that takes me back to a time when I was a confused teenager. The songs got tangled up with work, friendship, attempted suicide, and sexuality. The word that brings it all together for me would simply be ‘seventeen’.

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