Writing: Sexteen 101

Any adult who thinks that teens don’t know anything about sex, are in denial. Not to mention it being irresponsible. That’s all teens think about. The issue for me, is the way they think about sex.

Porn has never been easier to access for teens.

But watching porn as a way to learn how to have sex, is like watching The Flintstones to learn the craft of Paleolithic tool making.

Disparate and disconnected.

Did you know female porn stars get paid more for anal sex?  They do it more in the videos and then young guys who are watching think this is what girls want. This is how girls want to be treated, like sex dolls with hair pulled and made to feel dirty and bad. Their faces don’t deserved to be seen and not once should they be kissed.

When I was a teenager, I would steal the adult books from my mothers bookshelf that had sex in them. I didn’t really understand the stories so much but in these books, the women in them were in control. They had sex because they wanted to, not because they didn’t have the money to pay the repair man.

Literature for teens seems to becoming more and more chaste and yet porn is easier to access and sex is in most TV shows and films they are watching.

So teens stop reading as their hormones kick in. Coincidence? No way.

It’s all longing and no fulfilment.  Blueballs in a three part trilogy.

Come on, do something already. Touch me, kiss him, push her against the wall and tell her how much you want her.

Longing is lovely but at some point you have to stop being a literary cocktease and get it on.

Christ, is there nothing better than the first kiss? The first time you fall in love? The crush? The butterflies?

I want to give this to my teen readers with some seriously good sexy times and a smattering of education disguised as wise character decision. (Protection. Protection. Protection.)

Don’t do it if doesn’t feel right. Don’t try to keep a boy with sex, they never stay. Don’t think you won’t get pregnant or get the disease – use protection. Have some goddamned self-respect. Don’t abuse yourself through sex. Don’t hate yourself. Don’t listen to others. Love yourself enough. Don’t love the bad boy who is a prick to you. You can be responsible for your own orgasm. You are amazing. You are worthy.

Hopefully I will entertain and educate.

God, I would have loved a book like mine when I was about fifteen.


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