Writing: Lately At My House

Yesterday I couldn’t cook up any sentences, so I cooked soup instead. Actually, two types of soup, a shepherds pie and casserole, some quinoa for the week and I let the literary dough rise in my brain.

Then I slept and dreamed of my characters who told me they next wanted to do in the book.

I also dreamed of a pocket sized Prince kept in a small tin. He would sing and dance for you on your desk when you needed inspriation or entertainment.

*Falls to her knees*

Please God, make it happen!

And now I am back. I have lots going on and lots to think about, all of it great but still, where is the time to get out everything in my head?

Creativity requires nurturing but the bills need paying. Maybe if I work up this Pocket Sized Prince™ idea then I could make me some Diamonds and Pearls?

Here are a few things that inspire and distract me:

This desk from etc. etc. A Lithuanian furniture company. LOVE IT!

Mac Keyboard rainbow. Love the colours but this may annoy me after a while. Buy from here.

This book is still the best one about writing IMO.

Prince – The B Sides. Always amazing. Do it. Get it.

Happy Tuesday, my little peacocks.


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