Music: B is Back

As a student of Pop Culture, Beyonce is high up on the list of those worth studying. My BFF says she is sick of her and wants her to do something that gives back. What philanthropy does she do for young girls? She is a role model of the highest order but is she making the most of it. If she does something for the serfs, then she is very quiet about it all. Is this a good or a bad thing?

Meanwhile Queen B is making a return to performing with a short run at Revel Casino in Atlantic City and has released a video about the preparations.

What is patently evident when I watched this video, is how in control she is of everything about the show. This girl knows where she is going and she is just waiting for the best of the best to catch up. This is hardwork in action.

Do you work hard?

I bet you don’t. Everyone thinks that they do but it’s when you have to amp it up that you realise that before you were faking. This is my life before I started to write. I used to think I worked hard and was super busy and important.

Now I know what work is. Before I was a hoax. Now I am getting closer to honest. I work a lot. Every day, even for  a few hours. It doesn’t always feels like work. I’m sure it doesn’t feel like that to Beyonce either.

Watch her video below.

(Image is from Beyonce’s personal tumblr. Click here to visit.)


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