Writing: How I Work

This is where I work.

It has taken me a long time to find my rightful spot in my house. I have a study which I only now use when editing. I need to be isolated when editing. It’s a bitch of a job and I shouldn’t be around anyone.

Today my beautiful American Oak table (the best investment we ever made BTW) is remarkably tidy. When in the middle of a novel, I will be surrounded by papers version, copies and research books. Plus some extras such as hand cream, earrings and hair ties.

I like sitting here. I can peer out the kitchen window keeping lookout for interlopers and I have the light behind me from the deck.

The paper standing up is the beatsheet for my new book.

The cup is filled with a Genovese latte.

The flowers are from my friend Dora for my birthday.

I like looking at the fern on the sideboard.

I like looking at my art when I am searching for ideas.

I have a heating vent to my right which warm my fetlocks.

My dogs sleep on the sofa while I type.

This is where I work.


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