Style: Get Your Hairs Did

Today I am getting a haircut.

I have only ever had two hairdressers I trusted in my life. One lives on the other side of Melbourne town and it is a hike to see her. The other was local but he has gone to be fabulous overseas…so I have to put on my hiking boots.

Here’s what I know about hair. I have had good haircuts and bad ones, same for colours. I have always experimented with hairstyles and I don’t think I have had many hair ruts over the years. Good hair helps you face the world with a little more confidence.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that you should cut your hair short at forty. Why is this a rule? What is this rule saying? You are no longer attractive as a woman because your eggs are drying up, so please cut your hair and move to the back of the line.


Also that whole grey hair thing? It’s ageing under seventy. Colour it. Trust me. You will look less dead. Your natural hair colour is best thing for your skin. I believe that over forty you should go back to your natural colour, and see how it lightens your face and eyes. It’s a f*ucking facelift.

I took my Grade Four school photos into the hairdresser when I turned forty and asked them to return my hair to the colour I was when I was missing a front tooth. It was the best thing for my face.

So I head over to the other side of the river today for a haircut and a gossip. Good times.

Seriously a lovely week. Thanks for asking. Good news from my cohorts in writing and feeling super inspired. Laughs with my lovely Sam, Jane and Dave who I share the home/office space with and a cuddle with a newborn and a deep and meaningful with his Mama.

Once upon a time I used to wonder when happiness would come back, I couldn’t remember what success felt like.

Now I remember. It feels like love. Laughter. Cuddles. Conversation and and amazing tuna melt sandwich.

Life is good.


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