Travel: SYD Via Bourke St

Yesterday I whizzed to Sydney for lunch and meetings. As soon as I arrived in Sydney I was tired. Sydney makes me tired. It’s a giant carousel that’s impossible to get off. Everything is fast in Sydney, the cars, the people and the constant sound of talkback radio whenever you get into a taxi.

However I did alight upon the Bourke Street Bakery in Surrey Hills, to forage lunch for my girlfriend and myself.

What a treat.

Firstly it was filled with Hipsters. Lot’s of checked shirts and black framed glasses, even a vespa was parked outside, a la Masterchef.


The food was gorgeous and on the sweetest corner of Sydney. A lamb and harissa sausage roll and a pork and fennel one called our names and I added two lemon meringue tarts to have with a cup of tea.

I loved this shop and I wished I had one fifty metres away from my house.

I guess I will just have to get on a plane instead.

Read their menu here.


Happy Thursday bakers.


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