Weekend Report

I write this to you from my new computer, which I didn’t know I was getting until late yesterday. Such a great surprise.

I have actually downgraded slightly. I have always been a Mac girl but I used to have the 15″ inch Macbook Pro. Now I have the 13″. I didn’t want to have to lug the bigger computer everywhere. All I do on my computer, is write, check social media and email. I need something economical and fast and this little darlin’ is a dream.

I always names my computers. I was taught this by the lovely Carl from years ago, who gave the computers in our office hilarious monikers.

I have had a Juno, Urania and Minera. This new one is named for a Norse  Goddess – Idony – the Goddess of Spring and Immortality whose responsibility it was to guard the gods’ apples of youth.

Now she guards my Apple.

Meanwhile, spent the morning with my new baby nephew. Little Prince Vince. Then a spot of retail therapy, then over to Great Dane Furniture to watch some paper cording and sit in some lovely chairs.

Finally to Feedmee for a Hungry Boy potato and now home where I may sleep. I kept waking up last night excited about the nerd box.

Now it’s lovely to be at home as the rain approaches.

Happy Saturday weekenders.

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