Shopping: What I Like Lately.

I’m a Moscow shopper. I tend to panic when I find something great and buy more than one of the item in question, just in case I never find anything so great again. It’s a habit I’m trying to break.

Here’s some things I have recently acquired and loved :

A perfect pair of black flats without a friggin’ bow. From Country Road.

The best jumper ever. And such a great price. From Decjuba.

Soft Henley long sleeved shirts from Decjuba. I am in love with mine. Need more.

This is the BEST handcream I have ever used. End of story. From Aurora.

Just like Chanel’s limited Gardenia perfume. Only $200 less. From Kleins. 

100% Merino wool scarf. So yummy to wear. From Country Road.

When I want to dress up my outfit I wear my Julia Ritson scarf. I love these. They are big and gorgeous quality silk. Worth the investment. Do it.

Happy Monday shoppers.


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