Love it or Leave it List

Love it-

  • Bamboo handled bags. LOVE! The one pictured above is cute as and under $200 or there’s this one, which is Gucci and exey, but still, it’s an investment piece, maybe…
  • The Pink Lemonade Cocktail at Mamababa. Crazy good.

Hate it-

  • The skinny arm pose. Yes it was cute for a while but now all photos of you are going to look the same unless you act like yourself and put your friggin’ arm down. Now. Stop it. I hate it. Please. Look natural. Thanks.
  • Ombre hair.
  • Nail mania. I live with a nail maniac. It’s an endless changing of styles, not to mention the long streak of red nail polish spilled on my carpet recently.

That’s it for now.

Happy Monday.


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