Home: Pinterest Anxiety

Do you use Pinterest? I have been using it for a long time, before everyone started freaking out about copyright, before the endless housekeeping tips and fitness programs were posted.

Occasionally now I see some bliss on Pinterest but mostly I see anxiety inducing housekeeping tips and complicated cake recipes that you will never, ever be able to reproduce, not even if the Cake Boss lives in your pantry.

Today I found myself pondering over the laundry tip below.

Every family member gets a basket with their clean folded laundry that can be taken to their room and put away.

I thought about baskets and the space in my laundry and realised that it would actually be more complicated to make this happen than to just keep using the kitchen table, and yell at my kids to come and get their washing.

I still pin once a week but I seek out inspiration more than motivation.

Do you know the difference? Inspiration comes from the soul, motivation is a form of manipulation.

Here are some of the more whacky things I have seen on Pinterest lately on how to improve your home, some actually made me laugh out loud. People are crazy.

Who the hell has that many ribbons? What’s with the drink bottles on the wall. Let’s discuss your addiction to soft drink first…and the rain gutter? I can’t even begin to be assed to do this.

And then there’s fitness and diet.

When you type in ‘Thinspiration’, this is what shows up.

Yeah. A warning about eating disorders. Enough said? No I have more to say. So much bullshit on here about body image and so many disturbing images.

Like this:

Sweetie, I don’t care how skinny you are, those pants are fug.

Or this:

Cos you don’t know when to drink.

Or this:

I’m actually typing this while I rest in this pose. Can’t you do it? Oh I’m sorry…you’re a loser!

Or this workout:

There are no words…only spells.

And finally there’s this as the number one picture that comes up under Skinny:

Jessica Simpson.

The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was how unwell she looks. Skinny can be ugly, non?

This is impossible to maintain without an eating disorder. It is also not reality.

This is Jessica Simpson as of last week, post baby and off to a workout. Keepin’ it real.

Pinterest sells us a life of impossibility but it’s up to you to trust how much you absorb and how much you spit out.

I will leave you with my favorite idea for all those old rakes you have lying about the house.

Happy pinning.

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