Baby Names: Deeper Meanings

I read with joy that the Sydney Swans footballer Jarrad McVeigh and his elegant wife, Clementine welcomed a little baby girl named Lolita Luella to the world this month.

Such gorgeous welcome news after their first daughter, Luella Paloma, lost her fight with serious heart complications after only one month of life. 

I was also thrilled to see Lolita reclaimed from the pedobear Nabokov associations. (It is an amazing book btw, but that’s for another post.)

Did you know Lolita means Sorrows?

I can only imagine the heartbreak and sorrow this couple have had to bear.

Did you know Luella means Famed Warrior?

I am sure she was and that she fought as much as she was able to bear.

I have no doubt little Lolita will reverse the sorrows of her parents, and carry her sister’s courage throughout her life.

Clementine is a good namer isn’t she? Seriously good stuff. Paloma is an inspired middle name. It means Dove – the bringer of peace, the messenger. I’m sure that white feathers follow Jarrad and Clementine and they find them without even realising. 🙂

It is always fascinating when names reflect the journey of the soul. We think we choose names because we ‘like’ them but I think our spirit choose the name for a more resonant reason, and sometimes, just sometimes, we fulfil the meaning of our names and bring meaning to our lives.

Love and light to all who has little angels watching over them.

Painting – Lolita Levitating by Mark Ryden


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