Opinion: To Ignore Is To Deny

I haven’t blogged because I didn’t have anything to say that wasn’t tainted by the Colorado shooting or the one year anniversary of the Norway tragedy. Sometimes the news is so sad that you just have to turn off and tune out.

But to say, ‘I can’t watch it anymore’, to say, ‘America is crazy end of story’, is to forget  those wounded or dead and ignore those on the precipice of sanity who walk amongst us. It is there but for the grace of whatever God you believe in, and the gun laws of the country you live in that you are safe.

Yes, we have gun massacres here in Australia, so does Europe and Britain but in America they seem expected somehow and this is the saddest part. That many people cannot and will not speak up because of politics and the NRA is keeping a nation, literally at gunpoint.

I know the media overseas is talking about gun laws and the election and the second amendment and so on but when I went to the NY Times this morning, there was nothing about this on their front page and only a tiny article on Christian Bale visiting victims on the front of the Chicago Tribune.

It’s almost as if the rest of the world knows what happened isn’t normal but America has just laid down and accepted the kicks.

It’s not normal and it’s not okay and America – you deserve better.

I do think it’s a difficult issue and one that I’m not at all qualified to speak about, but I if the gun laws won’t and can’t be moved, then at least discuss the process of buying weapons and explosive materials.

Let me ask you this. Why isn’t there a database for every retailer to record what people have bought and in what amounts and where are these items being sent?

The suspect in the Aurora shooting had bought a large arsenal of weapons and ammunition, and a huge amount of  explosive devices that he sent to himself at home and work over a period of months.

If there was a database where the bought items were recorded requiring photo ID then maybe it would be easier to track the people who need help before they do something so awful, it’s hard to even comprehend.

I don’t have any answers thought. I think my idea might work but them I am an idealist and have I worried about the family of the suspect since this has happened. Their isolation and pain is unfathomable.

So this is what’s been on my mind this week.

One thought on “Opinion: To Ignore Is To Deny”

  1. The GOP is in bed with the NRA; the Dems learned from Al Gore’s opposition to gun laws, which many Dems supported, that they can’t win elections with that platform. So today no party is willing to re-examine our gun laws.

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