Opinion: Free to be Me

It’s raining and I’m at home ready to write.

I took the day off yesterday and had one of those gorgeous days where anything felt possible.

My possible was seeing the cutest 2 year old ever for a while, coffee with BFF, then cleaning my kids rooms properly and making the most delicious dinner for them. Sometimes the need to mother is strong in me, sometimes, it’s missing. This is how I keep the element of surprise in out relationship – they never know if they’re gonna get the ‘get it yo lazy assed self‘ parent. Sneaky, huh? I know. Brilliant.

I find the changelings much more appreciative when I do things occasionally, not all the time. All the time means they expect it handmade lamb pizzas and clean rooms. Fuck that noise. I don’t that much for myself let alone for my kids. Also my kids are older, so they can do stuff for themselves. Make me a freakin’ lamb pizza and clean my room while you’re at it…

I am always surprised when mothers don’t allow their kids into the kitchen to cook because they make too much mess. Fine, but don’t bitch when you have to cook dinner every night. *snaps Z formation*

So I’m off to write. I’m excited.

And don’t email me about being a bad parent. I’m not. I’m ace. 70% of the time…

Happy Friday Moonies.


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