Life: Hard Times

The best thing about making a new friend, is seeing a part of yourself in them. It might be something that you had kept hidden for fear of being misunderstood, or didn’t even realise this part was in you until you met this other person.

It is a mutual meeting of the souls and you know that your life is now better for knowing them.

When this friendship is snatched away from you for whatever reason, then this part of you, once nourished by the other person dies. It is highly doubtful you will ever fill this hole again, no matter who you meet in your life time. For this person was rare and that part of you that weeps for your friend is unique. An impossible match.

There are platitudes about always having the memories but you wanted to build more memories and goddammit, it’s just not fair.

The mysteries of life are so profound that you could spent the rest of your life asking where are they? Why did they go? Where are they now? What could I do?

Don’t ask why. Accept. Accept and put the energy of questioning into something that fills up the hole in your soul. What this is, I don’t know. It depends what your singular soul needs. Music, film, poetry, laughter, tears or silence. Baths, the ocean, running, walking, sleeping or talking. Each day it might be different and that’s just fine. Just fine.

There is no right or wrong.

There is no other pain like losing a soul mate.

I know. I have been where you are. It’s a series of mountains to conquer but at the top of each one you will look for your friend, waiting for their applause.

If you want to believe that there is somewhere else then believe it. If they bring you signs they are in your world then accept them and don’t question, embrace the mystery. Embrace their gifts.

From now on you have two lives. One with your friend and one without. What you make of your life is entirely up to you but consider this; they live on through you.

Make your turn count and know that your love for them lives forever. You’re sad because being with them was just so fucking delightful and you won’t have that again and that’s just shit. Plain and simple.

You don’t get over it, you just learn to live with missing them.

Love is all there is people.


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