Life: Get Into It

I woke this morning with the satisfaction it was the weekend. Then I realised it was Monday and my mood deflated like my one and only attempt at making a souffle.

The weekend was filled with stuff.   Some social, some obligatory and then some serious stuff that knocked me out for a day and night.

Now it’s Monday and my list is already filled.

Lists are my life now. I don’t know it’s it’s post depression or just turning forty but if it ain’t on the list it ain’t gonna happen.

Here are some lists that I use:

Goals List – Things I want to do

Irritations List – Things that bug me but that I never have time to fix

To-Do List for home – This is divided between the four of us. ‘THE HOUR OF POWER!’

To-Do List for writing – This is always fluid, overwhelming and exciting

To-Do List for kids – This is busier some days compared to others

To-Do List for me – This gets forgotten often

Wish List – Over the years it has become less material and more internal. Happiness versus Object that are supposed to make me happy. It’s good.

Clear your mind – Write it down – Live your life – Love your life.

Happy Monday!

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