Life: …

If this drawing is true, then clearly I am f*cking marvellous at adulthood, cos I am so tired I want a nap and it’s not even midday.

The most intense three weeks have just passed and I am now filled up to the brim with work again. So much for the holiday but I can’t help it, I like to write. If I don’t write then I think and thinking isn’t useful unless I am thinking about writing.

On Monday I had sixteen things to do that weren’t everyday tasks. Sixteen trips, things to buy, people to call, things to order and manage, sixteen duties.

At least my list said sixteen, I think there were more because tasks lead to more tasks and soon you are just opening a mutha f*ckin Pandora’s box of tasks.

F*ck Pandora and her box.

What? I’m not bitter. I’m just freakin’ tired bitches. So get off my ass and cut me a little slack.

Now I’m off to lunch with Sam who is leaving after four years of working for us. I love Sam. I love her loyalty and straight-up-ness and her laugh and her kindness. I like that she named her children well and I like her taste in jewelry. I like her.

Thanks for everything Sam.



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