Lately: My Life

I’m re-reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I forgot what great writing it is.

I’m drinking coffee, made at home, and enjoying it immensely.

I’m listening to Aretha Franklin- The First 12 Sides. A teenage Aretha. Flawless.

I’m wearing this scarf and I love it as it’s warm but light.

I’m buying this iPhone case as I’m sick of my old one.

I’m writing lists of things to do and see and be.

I’m writing a new adult book which is just going marvellously. Writing itself, almost.

I’m celebrating a new baby Niko in my world, born yesterday to wonderful parents and perfectly perfect. (BTW I love Niko as a nn. Mama D names her babies so well.)

I’m driving my daughter to school each morning and together we are solving the problems of the Universe.

I’m listening intently to my son tell me about his true belief that he and Bert the Dog communicate telepathically. Who am I to say otherwise? I dream about messages from babies yet to be conceived and from the dead.

I’m waiting for book cover art. Always fun.

I’m here now and enjoying it.

Stay with us, there’s still lot’s more to come.


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