Life: My Kit Kat Holiday

I have just taken my first short break by myself. It’s only taken me forty years.

I took myself off to Perth, where I went to University. I have only been back once before but that was en famille.

This time I was going alone.

I started the day at home with my TV addiction. A Farmer Wants a Wife. (Seriously, I love this show more than is acceptable.)

Then I was off to airport where even the hour long delay of my plane failed to burst my enthusiasm. Instead, I spent more time in the Newslink, slutting about the books and magazines.

I wrote 3000 on the plane and even the screaming the babies couldn’t detract from my high in being so high and away from my normal life.

Landing, I was thrilled to see my dear friend and so the holiday began.

I could write a long essay about how what’s changed in me from this trip, and much has,  but I won’t, because like dreams, these changes are only interesting to the person having them.

But I am looking forward to coming home with my new knowledge and mindset and I am truly blessed to have my dear friend in WA.


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