Life: Spring Clean 101

The issue with working from home is that you have to clean it more, as you’re in it all the time.

I am doing this challenge – 20 Days to a Clean House.

This is a serious clean.  There is a reason you only do one room a day, because afterwards you will be spent.

Yesterday was the kitchen. Took me all morning. It was incredibly satisfying. I also threw away broken things, unused items, stuff.

Today the main bedroom. I already cleaned out the bedside tables and decluttered. Man, I have a lot of crap.  I’m sick of it.

Once I lived in a house where we had so many things it took weeks for us to clean out and pack up when we had to move.

The next house had very little storage. As a result we only kept what we needed. I always said I wanted to be ready to pack at any moment and be able to leave. When we finally did pack up and leave three years later, it was incredibly easy.

This is what I am working towards in this house. It’s a bigger house and both Dave and I work from home but we could still lose 25% of our ‘stuff’.

Cleaning and writing. This is my life for the next twenty days.

Happy Tuesday clean freaks.


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