Life: Happystance

I can’t say the last six weeks have been easy. So much bad news. Seven deaths and a now two cancer diagnoses. WTF?

In the midst of such awfulness what can you do?

Help? Sure. If you can, do it. If you can’t then let the people know at least you are thinking of them.

Remain positive? Maybe. It’s hard to be positive when young people die.

Accept? Perhaps.

On Tuesday I made cookies.

They were fantastic. The best ones I’ve ever made. I put lots of love into them and was careful to not let them burn. I don’t know why but these biscuits represented the sweetness of life.  These delicious discs, spotted with chocolate showed my kids I bothered to think about them during the day.

It made me think that good vibes can still be found in a glass of milk with a cookie.

Then I wrote a list of what brings me happy vibes:

  • The sun shining on the weekend
  • Drinking a coffee on the beach
  • The smell of daphne and freesias when I go for a walk
  • An afternoon nap on the weekend
  • Coming home just before a storm hits
  • A cuddle from my friends babies
  • A nice email
  • A handwritten letter
  • A clean inbox
  • Receiving flowers
  • Finishing a great book
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Laughing with my children
  • Knowing my parents are well and safe
  • Knowing my sister is free to be herself now
  • My new Macbook Pro
  • The first sip of tea in the morning
  • My coffee at mid morning
  • Rain

Happy Thursday friends.


4 thoughts on “Life: Happystance”

  1. Hey Kate. Love your happy vibes list. Great to have one when things are challenging. Mine includes watching my dog Derek sniff everything in sight when we are out walking, and a cup of chai in the middle of winter. Hope things get a little brighter over the coming weeks. XX

  2. I recently sat down at the edge of the Hudson River, with the the sun shining down over New York City and wrote down everything I was grateful for. So much was similar to yours–the sun shining, sending (or receiving) a postcard, my iPhone, the incredible support of my family and friends. Lots of love to you and yours x

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