Celebrity – The Family vs The Firm

Am I the only one who thinks Kate Middleton was an idiot for sunbaking topless?

Christ’s alives, her mother in law was a morality tale of paps and their lenses. Nipples covered at all times please.

You rarely see Hollywood celebrities on the beach with tops off. Not even in Cabo St Lucas, where they go for dirty weekends.

You cannot pick your nose, pull out your wedgie or use a bent paperclip as a teethflosser, (yes, Ris, I’m talking to you) and not expect it on the pages of some tabloid somewhere.

Plus, sunbaking topless? Really? It’s a little bit Costa Del Sol, isn’t it? Let’s not forget that Kate’s dodgy Uncle Gary, lives in Spain in a mansion called ‘La Maison de Bang Bang’.

Enough said? Yes.

This is a picture of Uncle Bang Bang from the Daily Mail.

A tramp stamp and boat shoes?

Hell yes!


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