Celebrity – Crush Crushed

You know when you have a girl crush and you think that person is the best ever! And then they start being a dick, and dating a dick, and your crush goes down with your opinion of them and of yourself for ever liking them in the first place.

This is me and Mila Kunis. All because of Ashton Kutcher. If you are into Ashton then you need a carefrontation. Seriously. We will hold you till you release the pain of digging Ashton.

I have a very strong opinions on Ashton and am yet to be persuaded otherwise.

As my BFF says about Mila and Ashton. ‘You f*ck him but you don’t publicly date the man in the ironic scarf and amusedouche hat.’


If you were Mila Kunis with that crazy body and face and rising star, who would you date?

The girl was with Maccauly Culkin  close to a decade… then there were rumours of a dalliance with JT which forced Jessica Biel to walk alone for a while he sorted out the difference between love and lust and now she had gone to Ashton.

Hells bells.

And this is the stuff that occupies my mind when I’m alone.

Have a gorgeous weekend.

I’m off to the Echuca Library for a talk tomorrow between 11 and 12 pm. Come on down if you’re around and we can talk further about Ashton and Mila.



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