Life: Enough

I have railed yesterday and this morning, at Sydney radio personality Alan Jones comments about our Prime Minister. His solution to dealing with women who don’t kowtow to his opinion or political leaning, is to hurt them. Throw them out to sea in a chaff bag, or chop their heads off are just two of his medieval ideas.

Is he on the record at offering violent ending to the male labour Prime Ministers, Hawke or Keating?

How are his comments not seen as a threat to Julia Gillard?


It has to stop. Now.

I have been a long time supporter of the domestic violence White Ribbon campaign. Many people support causes which they have been touched by, so the assumption is I either grew up in or are in a violent house now. Neither.

I think this is why the issue touches me so deeply.

Every woman and child deserves to be loved and safe in their lives. Fear is not a life. It’s state.

Women across Australia are shifting in their seats, shuffling their feet and now standing up and marching.

Enough is enough.


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