Fashion: The Emperor’s New Bag

Chanel launched a new bag for Paris Fashion Week, called the Hula.

You rock this look and I will call you a foola.

What the what?

I know couture is always exaggerated (why? for the cheap seats up the back?) but even the small version is annoying.

Now I’m waiting for the tragics at Spring Racing to be carrying the hula like it’s a badge of honour. It’s no badge, you was jibbed peeps!

*rolls eyes, shakes head, chortles, snorts like a pony*

I love trends although I don’t follow them so much.

I know what works for me, which is classic’s.

Why is Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly still considered a fashion icon? Because they wore classics.

Don’t fall for the hoopla or the hula friends.

Be yourself because everyone else is taken.

Happy Wednesday Hula Hoopa’s.

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