Life: A Snapshot Of Content


How are you? Did you have a nice weekend?


Oh, I went out with friends on Friday night, for drinks and burgers. It was a combination of good food and funny conversation, the way a Friday night should be.

Saturday, I spent time with Dave and we had a lovely day together, and yesterday I wrote in the morning and cleaned up my son’s room in the afternoon.

He has decided he doesn’t want the children’s books from when he was smaller in his room anymore.  No more Anatomy of a Pirate Ship and Dragonology. I understood but as I shoved the bags of unwanted books into the bin at the op shop, I did feel a pang of sadness at how fast time goes. Hopefully they will be loved again.

Today I was up early and ready to plot.

I am crazy busy right now but it’s fun.

I have two more short stories to write for YA project.

Then editing of all four short stories.

Two more YA books to edit.

And plotting for two more books.

Whackadoo but to achieve this, it requires exact time management.

Today, I am plotting an adult novel. It’s the weaving that must be paid attention to, making sure the tension is tight and it all fits together beautifully.

Have a lovely Monday lovers.



P.S Feel free to bring me cake.


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