Lately: My Life

Hey, what’s up?

I’ve been stupidly crammed with life stuff. You know, writing, editing, mum stuff, and so on.

I just made bread.

I was going to write some deep and meaningful post on proofing the dough and proofing my writing but then I couldn’t be arsed. Also, as my editors will tell you, my proofing is appalling, something to work on perhaps. Thankfully my dough always rises.

I have found that some days are packed and some just smooth and groovy. Today I have had to get my hustle on.

I dropped eldest at school early for choir, then went to a friends to drop off some no longer needed Lego for her little boy. Then supermarket, then home, paid a bill, made a doctors appointment, picked up new glasses (cos I’m old now) then home again and, as I wrote, I made some bread.  Here is the recipe. So easy to make and bloody good to eat.

All by 10.30am. I know. I amaze myself.

Now I will write, but I am feeling virtuous and happy to have some thing off my list and I have a full schedule of writing to get on top of. I have now diarised my writing. It’s a job now even though it still doesn’t feel like one. So I need to be organised and focussed.

Do you know how lovely it is to think, today I get to write a story? I don’t think I will ever take that for granted. Ever.

It’s only taken me two years to find the balance. Got it now, somewhat. Hopefully. Almost.

Happy Wednesday bakers.


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