Friday Confession

I can’t lie. I’ve had a shocking week and to say otherwise would be a fib, and I always swore to myself to tell the truth on this blog, the whole truth and if it’s not nice then I should say nothing at all.

So, the ol’ black dog has popped in to sit at the end of my bed again,  and I’m mindful to try and look after myself. I know how this goes but I sure ain’t happy to see the bitch back.

There are many reasons for the dog to be back with a tumble of drama in my life this week but I am stunned to see it turn up after all the work I did to try and train it. Hopefully I know how to gently lead it away but forgive me if I am lapse in my communication and don’t reply.

The only thing that helps is sleeping and waking to write while the dog decides how much of a bite it’s gonna give me.

You know I love you all right? It’s a hellva thing, this crazy head of mine. Not recommended to go into alone.




4 thoughts on “Friday Confession”

  1. Sorry to hear it Kate. As my Mum says it’s like an ice cream, just when you think you’ve got it licked it drips all over you. Take care of yourself and let’s hope it doesn’t hang around too long this time. XX

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