Life: Friends and Stuff

My new routine has meant no time for blogging which is lame but I’m back. The week of disconnecting was easier than I thought. A little pain for a lot of gain. Benefits include:

  • Sleeping better
  • Getting more done with my day
  • Less ruminating

I also fell into the trap of the Clickfrenzy sale in Australia last night, which was basically overhyped and overpopulated because the server broke with the amount of traffic.

Once you did get on, it was less than average at best. I remember reading a quote from a very snobbish woman who said ‘sales items are other people’s leftovers.’

There were some ugly leftovers on the web last night.

I am all up for discounts but don’t sell me last seasons, bad ass platform shoes, and tell me it’s a bargain. It’s a bargain for you if I buy them, it’s a tragedy for me if I wear such fugness on my feet.

Meanwhile, I’m writing my new adult book which is too much fun and I am falling in love with my characters. Gee they’re great girls. By the way, I only know great girls.

This book is about friends so not surprisingly, I dreamed of my two BFF’s last night. I lurv my girls. I lurv my new stories and I lurv you.

Happy Wednesday friends.


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