Life: A Successful Life

Oh, don’t you love a good insight?

Yesterday I had a reminder from a super smart person, whose opinion I value and respect, who pointed out that I am, despite average reviews from others, a successful person.

I’m not talking about the guff of material bits and bobs. No, the item that indicate you’re a successful person.

What is this?

One of them is love.

From friendships and animals and family and partners.

These are the indicators of being a successful person.

Yesterday’s reminder was timely, in as much as I am allowed to be proud and gracious of what I have achieved and that I should dive into the love that surrounds me.

I wonder why we don’t allow ourselves more pride in these matters.

If you still have friends from all the different ages and parts of your life, if people ring you to see how you are or send you something they think you may like, this is success.

Success is being able to sustain love.


Because on your death bed, it won’t be your car that cries for you, or your stocks or shoe collection. It is the people. It’s only ever the people who matter.

It’s simple and it’s true.

Happy Thursday lovers.

One thought on “Life: A Successful Life”

  1. You have said the truest words in our world: “It is only the people that matter”. Only, ever and always it is the ones who love and care for us that will be important. Thanks for the reminder.

    We should be joyful and gratified of those magnificent things we accomplish in our lifetimes. We all do something good and gracious and loving and for that we should be proud of ourselves. We must learn to accept compliments and good words about us; it’s hard to do I know. Practice just saying “Thank You”, my husband coaches me. It’s good advice I have found.

    As I read thru your earlier posts, I find you more and more interesting and worth reading. Thanks.

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