Life: Playing A Running Game


The other half is up to his eyeballs in work, so I am stuck with the house and my own work.

This morning I had done the washing, unpacked the dishwasher, made lunch for a kid lunch, tidied up the living room and bathroom, showered, fed the dogs, organised something for dinner and cleaned the kitchen.

And this was by 9am. Now I sit down to pump out at least 3000 words. And I have to read a book for work. And I know I have more edits coming this week, due before Christmas.

And people wonder why I can’t see them?

Yes, so this is my life right now.

The only thing that’s keeping me sane?


What? I know.

I play backgammon against my computer when I need a break from my mind. I probably play eight games a day. It’s swift. It’s strategy and luck and it’s fast. You have decide if you are going to play a ‘running’ game or a ‘holding’ game. I play both but I usually start with a running because I’m an anxious little gamer.

I learned to play backgammon after I saw Octopussy. ‘It’s all in the wrist.’ Says the villian played by Louis Jourdan.

It’s a classy game for a classy dame. Oh yes, and I play it also 😉

Photo credit: Carmen Alvarez enjoying a game of backgammon with Frank ‘Brandy’ Brandstetter in a swimming pool at Acapulco. Photographed by Slim Aarons 1978.


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