Gifts: The ‘Go-Crazy’ List










Fancy a flint tool? With all the precision of your teeth and nails and with modern handle technology.


Is this the perfect bath? Why yes I think it is. From Rexa in Italy, of course.


What about an island? You can pop online and see which one you might like to put under the tree for your beloved.


This pen is like the greatest invention since pen’s themselves. Record everything you hear, say and write, and link audio recordings directly to notes. Buy here and say thanks later.


Rosewood earphones for the aesthete in your life. Buy them here.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 9.21.27 AM

You know that friend that keeps asking for a knitted yoga ball and you keep saying, ‘There isn’t one,’ well relax! You can make your friend happy with their dream come true. Buy here to shut your friend up, but expect a ‘I told you so.’


I don’t even like cars but me likey this one. A Jaguar Speedster. Get your mitts on one here and then feel like Kendra Spears in French Vogue November 2012.


You’re welcome.

Happy Thursday.

P.S Next week, another Christmas Gift list for you lovelies. Stay tuned.


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