Home: Where I Am


It’s not that I don’t care but shit’s been hectic and this weekend was a clusterfuck, soothed only by running away, and eating pancakes with hazelnut praline.

Lot’s of words to write, moving through the tar slowly but slow, so slow which is both a good and bad thing. Slow means careful, slow also means dragging.

But I have learned a great deal about writing over the past year about with this knowledge comes great responsibility. So slower, fix as you go, don’t leave it, go back while you think about it, mould.

Anyhoo, have you done your shopping yet?

I have been a clever beaver and done it ALL online. No last minute dashes for me. Now I can settle back in my chair and write again.

I am also super into my house at the moment. It’s funny how you go through stages like that. Right now it’s all about the house and garden. Yesterday I gardened and planted the beds up with summer flowers. Ah, happy moments to ease the stress of the weekeend.

Here’s my Monday gift to the interior design sluts out there. My favorite home inspiration tumblrs.

Chin up lovers.



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