2012 – What I Learned


  1. It is possible to write 360,000+ words
  2. It is also possible to put on ten kilos
  3. Most reviewers are lovely and thoughtful
  4. Many reviewers are nasty as entertainment
  5. You can say yes to a project, even if it scares you
  6. You can also say no to a project, even if it scares you
  7. Sleep is the master of everything
  8. Your children and family can and should do more for themselves
  9. No one gets how you write a book
  10. You don’t get how you write a book, you just do it anyway
  11. Gardening is good for your body and mind
  12. People on Twitter are the funniest
  13. People on Facebook are showoffs
  14. People on Instagram are narcissists
  15. I’m on all three social media platforms, yes I am a triple threat
  16. It takes a while to get into the current of life but when you’re in it, don’t get out; not for anybody or anything
  17. Creativity isn’t a gift, everyone has it, find your mode
  18. Slow down and check your work
  19. The best chocolate cake recipe is by The Barefoot Contessa
  20. Don’t assume people will always be there for you
  21. If you see crazy coming, cross the street and NEVER invite them to stay
  22. You can’t worry about everything, choose your battles
  23. I’m officially allergic to angry and rude people
  24. Don’t worry about trends, focus on what you love
  25. I have to stop comparing myself to others
  26. I have to stop worrying what other’s think of me (see points 3 & 4)
  27. The Rock of Ages is the worst movie of 2012
  28. An eReader is fun and so is a paper book, choose your weapon and then shut up
  29. I will never stop learning from my editors and agent
  30. I am really freakin’ lucky.

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