Writing: Where I’m At


I have finished the first draft of my next adult book.

As I read through it, I see holes, issues, changes that need to be made but I couldn’t do this when I was writing because I needed to build the frame first.

The frame supports the whole book and I needed to know that my plans for the story worked when I took it from my head and onto the page.

Last night I slept heavily, dreaming that my sister told me I was badly dressed and that a fat rat was chasing me. I don’t know which is worse.

Now I am onto the good stuff in the book. Editing, adding, sculpting.

Of course I want it to be good. So good you stay awake to finish it.

This requires work, so my lovely editor won’t get it till it’s good enough for me but I’m confident I will meet my dates of delivery.

I have averaged 4000 words a day, including Christmas Day, to stay on deadline and keep the story flowing.

This means getting up before everyone else at 5.30am and writing till the house awakes at about 10.30am. (Thank god I don’t have small kids.)

Then coming out of the cave of story and trying to act normal till I go back to it in the evening, where I try to edit what I have written.

Sometimes I would spend three or fours hours plotting, which is vital but means no words get onto the manuscript, only into the notebook, plotting hours take time but need to be done.

Then I would head off again, back into the world of my women and their complicated lives.

I am walking a little lighter today with releasing their tales from my grey matter.

Happy New Year friends.

P.S  Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom? It’s bliss. Really. It makes me happy.


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