2013 – The Year Of…



I have been up to my girdle in words, as I have my next adult book due soon.

I was writing like a loon but now I am slowly down into editing mode and marinating the story.

Also there was the birth of my BFF new baby.  Ahh, she is a kitten. I have been thinking about her so much since she was born on Monday.

I guess this is falling in love, like I have with dear one’s other children.

Now my own children are locked in their rooms, the teenager highlighting scripts, talking on the phone, while painting her nails.

And the other one is outside with some sort of sporting equipment, or watching sports on TV.

I suppose this is why I have dogs, because they’re always thrilled to see me when I come home.

So I am calling 2013; The Year of No Expectations.

Is it because the less I expect, the more thrilled I am when things appear, or is it because I am not focussing on what I ‘want’ that what I ‘need’ comes to me.

I don’t know. I don’t know anything besides this moment. Coffee, laptop, to do list.

Stay in the flow swimmers.


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