Awards: The Golden Globes wrap up



  • Tina and Amy’s schtick worked big time. My fave jokes were the ones about James Cameron, James Franco and the last line of the night from Amy Poehler
  • Jessica Chastain’s speech was sincere and smart
  • Jennifer Lawrence’s sincere speech about her family and her quoting First Wives Club
  • Will and Kristen were hilarious and spot on
  • Some of Jodie Foster’s speech was brilliant
  • Julianne Moore’s dress and smile
  • Naomi Watt’s face, which shows normal ageing and is still amazing
  • Daniel Day Lewis’s speech which was almost perfect


  • Sascha Baron Cohen’s bad audition for next years hosting gig
  • Robert Downey Junior’s intro for Jodie
  • Mel Gibson’s face
  • Anne Hathaway’s speech
  • Nicole Kidman’s face
  • Tommy Lee Jones misplaced sense of humour
  • Catherine Zeta Jones auditioning for Les Mis 2 with her one line of song

And that’s it from me.

Happy Tuesday viewers.

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