News: Lately in my World

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 9.51.32 AM

I had a gorgeous lunch with a friend at Baby in Richmond. You might want to check it out if you’re in Melbourne. We shared pasta dishes, and it was good. They also served the cheese in gorgeous Georg Jenson bowls, which I knew were such, as soon as I spotted them. I don’t know why that thrilled me but it did. I’m such a design whore. It was very busy though, so get in early.


I made a photo album of he house I used as inspiration for Middlemist in Seduction. You can see it here if you like looking at pretty things.


I’m reading Brain on Fire and The Midwife of Venice. One I like more than the other. I will let you know when I’m finished.


I am writing my next adult novel and editing my last YA Smitten novel.


I have finished watching Revenge, which was beyond addictive and the plotting was complicated but still brilliant in helping the audience understand the action. ‘Don’t do anything revenge-y till I get there,’ was my fave quote of the first season.


I’m playing with my new plants stands that my Dad made me. How great is this blue one? I wanted a little YSL Majorelle Blue from Morocco on my deck.


I’m enjoying my gardenia flowering. The rich buttery scent hits me when I’m writing and infuses my words. I have also saved my frangipani in the front garden, from frost damage. Yes, I am a garden dork.


The pool with friends. Chillin’ like a villian while I wet my whistle, and gab in the deep end.

Happy Thursday friends.



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