Life: No Great Expectation


I was thinking about how much time I have wasted trying to be happy.

I tried everything to find happiness when I was younger. Drugs, shopping, meditation, you name it, I tried to find the happiness panacea.

It was a unfulfilling search because happiness is like a rainbow, coming when you least expect it, but just like a rainbow, it doesn’t last forever.

Expecting to be happy all the time is as absurd as accepting sadness as an everyday feeling.

Happiness and sadness are emotions, not states of being.

Sitting with friends this week, we discussed  my philosophy of living without expectations. It’s hard to do, but life is infinitely more palatable now.

I can honestly state that my life is much more interesting now I don’t have expectations of what my life is supposed to be like.

The way my life has unfolded has surprised me, and there have been many more rainbows since I stopped demanding them to show up.

Not expecting doesn’t mean I am a passenger in my life, I still have goals and dreams, but mostly I just see what turns up each day.

It works for me.

Happy Saturday.


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