Music: Enter Mrs Carter


Yes, Beyonce killed it at the Superbowl yesterday.

Yes, I loved every second of it.

Lazy is not in Beyonce’s vocabulary and if you want to know why she is in on the throne in the music industry, it’s because she practises and doesn’t sit around waiting for shit to be delivered to her. Actually, I’m sure she does have stuff delivered to her but not in her performances. She would have ‘people’ wouldn’t she? Serfs? Subjects?

Her work ethic and self referred energy is something that should be bottled for all those girls out there expecting that their life will be delivered to them just because they are pretty but don’t actually want to do any work.

There is no secret to being at the top of your game. As a wise friend of mine said to me, it’s an equation not a mystery- do the work and then reap the rewards.

And Beyonce is in the sweet spot right now. There is no scandal, she isn’t drinking so much that her face has turned into a cabbage patch doll, she isn’t old and trying to deny it so much that she is looking like the crypt keeper, she isn’t trying to stay off meth and retain her dignity and her kids.

Beyonce has coped very well compared to her diva peers.

She is a workaholic though, and I wonder what for. She doesn’t need the money, she doesn’t need the fame. So why? Maybe because if she stops she gets bored. That her head is so filled with creativity that she has to honour it.

People say she should have another baby. Phuleese, she isn’t like that. She has time and besides, Beyonce knows there are other ways to create rather than just have a baby. She will do her Mrs Carter Show World Tour and then have a boy with Mr Carter.

What? You think the God of Music would deny Beybey a baby boy? He wouldn’t dare!

Happy Tuesday.


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