Smitten With Life


How great do these look? They arrived yesterday, to top off, in the words of Bill and Ted,  ‘a most excellent day’.

I had a great editorial meeting, a fun interview on the radio and then a mind-blowing therapy session. Followed by great news about a health issue and even better news about a work project.

Days like yesterday are rare but so bloody lovely to be in the moment and celebrate each life step forward.

Today I am on the radio again and off to an event tonight. Fun times. My two husbands and I are heading out on the town, courtesy of a lovely invitation from the most elegant lady in Melbourne.

And tomorrow night, I am attending my ‘surprise’ dinner party.

Good times huh?

Meanwhile I am editing my last Smitten book. Yesterday’s editorial meeting made me fall in love with it again so now I can’t wait to get started.

And on that note, I’m off to edit.

Happy Thursday friends. Make the moments count.


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