Saturday’s Love It List


I know I have been a bad blogger but to be honest, I have had stuff going on and I have had to edit a book, which was surprisingly fun. Usually I hate editing but it was okay. I think I’m sort of getting the hang of it but I will wait to see what Lé Editor says.

Meanwhile, I have been curating my list fave things to share with you.

Let’s start with this. astronaut-duvet-cover

The worlds best doona cover for the Spaceperson in your life, from Snurk, a Dutch brand. It is available on line for about $75 AUS. Pretty good huh?


A Fornasetti candle from Becker Minty, which is the most beautiful store in Australia. You can argue with me but I haven’t seen anything close to the beauty they have created in Sydney. The way they buy, stock and use visual merchandising is spectacular. Now if they would just open a store in Melbourne, all would be right with the world.

Lush Tropical Garden.  Love the water a calming affect.

Creating my tropical paradise. I have successful propagated ferns, and now I have planted some banana palms and am looking forward to their lushness next year. My water lily has flowered and I have been playing with new pots. It is a certain type of bliss to mooch about at dusk, trimming, feeding, watering and nurturing.


The newest in YA romance, by your’s truly. This is the first one, out in ten days. There are loads of  other gorgeous writers such a Julie Filson and Chrissie Keighery. Have a look here.

Happy Weekend Peeps!


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